Liquid Fertilizers

Diamond Nano-Biochem is a leading farm liquid fertilizer factory who has concentrated on continuous improvement in spray fertilizer for plants quality.
Liquid fertilizer includes fertilizers formulated from nano-calcium and nano-silicon, suitable for fruit crops (Meily Calcium), food crops (Goodly Calcium), leaf crops (Fully Calcium), which can enhance plant stress tolerance. Drone fertilizer (Fly Calcium) is specially designed for drone use, it has high concentration and excellent stability. Silicon fertilizer (SiPro) consists of total water-soluble silicon, which can enhance the formation of silica layer in plant cells. Organic matter fertilizer (MetaGrow) consists of amino acids, which can promote plant nutrient absorption. We provide the ideal spray fertilizer for plants, all fertilizers can be applied via foliar spray or soil drench.
Diamond Nano-Biochem is a professional liquid fertilizer factory who has been manufacturing all kinds of spray fertilizer for plants and farm liquid fertilizer 
for over 50 years.