Chem Dept

Chem Dept

The main chemical raw material manufactured by the Chemical Department is nano-grade calcium carbonate (nano CaCO3). This material is calcined at high temperature to remove impurities, and then re-carbonized and precipitated into high-purity nano-grade calcium carbonate with uniform particle size.

Subsequently, surface treatment is carried out to increase the compatibility with the mixture to increase the abrasion resistance and strength of the rubber and plastic products produced without reducing the strength of the predetermined physical properties, so that the products can be exquisitely improved, and the cost can be greatly reduced providing competitiveness. In addition, it provides good fluidity or extrudability during rubber and plastic manufacturing process.

This high-grade white reinforcing nano-grade calcium carbonate filler, [DIA-CAL calcium carbonate], is used in many industries. We provide nano-calcium carbonate treated with different surface treatment agents,suitable for rubber, plastic, ink, paint, and water-based systems for customers to choose from.

To provide customers with high-quality and stable products, Diamond continues to introduce new equipment and move towards automation and intelligent production. The addition of online automatic monitoring equipment to the production line to achieve a real-time, visualized, and paperless manufacturing process was done.

Environmental protection is everyone's responsibility. The waste and water produced in the manufacturing process are recycled and reused after treatment to reduce the waste of resources. Diamond is also keen on carbon reduction and energy-saving, by using intelligent power monitoring systems, we can efficiently allocate electricity and achieve the purpose of effective use of resources and reduce electricity consumption.