Cross-domain Cooperation Department

Cross-domain Cooperation Department

The Cross-domain Cooperation Department focuses on market development and international trade, including import and export, marketing and international trade consultation.

Since 2016, Diamond has started to develop its marketing business via marketing strategy consultation, including governmental bidding, corporate integration planning, international product search, and international trade import and export procurement according to customer needs. Diamond has developed a mature food supply chain to provide customers a one-stop service.
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Marketing integration: We are a professional team with many years of marketing experience, which excel at providing customers with comprehensive solutions in marketing through consultation services. We listen to customer needs, and accurately formulate channel strategies, help find market value and advantages, thus maximizing effectiveness. We help customers enhance market competitiveness and implement brand management to achieve sustainable operations. In addition, we can aid in planning food supply chains for customers in the food industry, from import, production to warehouse transportation and distribution, we design a customized food supply chain system.

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International Trade: Diamond specializes in import and export of Japan and Taiwan food, agricultural and fishery products. Many collaborations with Japan trading companies have been done. Items include seasonings, scallops, salted Kinki fish, Wagyu beef, corn kernel and many others. Goods in Taiwan are distributed to PX Mart, Carrefour and other major restaurants, etc.; on the other hand, we promote Taiwan products to the international market, such as lettuce, cabbage, sweet potato balls, potato chips, etc. We also assist in cross-border product search for customers with specific needs. 

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