Integrated pest management (IPM) of strawberry crops with Dia-Agri fertilizers

When the Dia-Agri team visited the Fresh Strawberry Gardens in A Lian, Kaohsiung, they encountered a severe issue of strawberry anthracnose. This fungal infection has a latent period of several months and can cause crop losses of up to seventy percent once infected. Controlling anthracnose requires frequent removal of diseased plants and extensive pesticide use, posing adverse effects on both the environment and farmers' health.

Diamond Quantum continues to advance on the path of carbon reduction sustainability through third-party verification of ISO 14064-1 greenhouse gas inventory

To respond to the international trend of carbon reduction and comply with the government's net-zero carbon emissions target, Diamond Quantum has been proactively conducting greenhouse gas inventories since 2019. This initiative aims to understand the greenhouse gas emissions from its facilities and utilize the inventory results to implement carbon reduction measures. For instance, it adopts smart manufacturing, digitally monitors energy usage, gradually replaces old equipment with energy-efficient and sensor-equipped lighting fixtures, and integrates carbon reduction into normal operations to accelerate the company's sustainable development transition.

Integrated pest management (IPM) of passion fruit crops with Dia-Agri fertilizers

Recently, the Dia-Agri team visited a passion fruit orchard in Gaoshu Township, Pingtung County. They adopted non-toxic cultivation practices, utilizing nano-calcium silicon fertilizer and Bacillus subtilis 151B1 liquid fertilizer. This management approach resulted in robust growth of passion fruit plants, abundant fruit yield, and sturdy stems capable of withstanding dramatic temperature changes, preventing premature fruit drop. Moreover, the resilient fruit skins resist anthracnose infection, exemplifying the use of environmentally friendly materials in passion fruit cultivation.

The results presentation conference for DIAMOND QUANTUM BIOTECH CO., LTD.'s products applied in tea tree cultivation

Since its establishment, DIAMOND QUANTUM has steadfastly adhered to the belief in "agricultural food safety and health," dedicating itself to providing technological support for agricultural production and fulfilling corporate social responsibility. In this collaboration with National Chung Hsing University, the joint development of microorganisms and the application of nanotechnology have led to the successful development of nano-calcium silicon fertilizer, which is now being applied in tea tree cultivation management.

Congratulations!! The R&D Team for the 151B1 strain technology transfer to DIAMOND QUANTUM has been awarded the National Innovation Award

The 20th National Innovation Award is bestowed upon the collaborative team comprising the Department of Plant Pathology at National Chung Hsing University and the Agricultural Technology Research Institute, recognizing their outstanding contributions to the diverse applications of Bacillus spore-forming bacterium. The research team has successfully identified a versatile strain, Bacillus subtilis 151B1, with practical applications in plant and animal health, ecological restoration, carbon reduction, and green cycles.

Diamond Quantum Nanotechnology Developing "health foods" for the plant world

Diamond Quantum is committed to the transformation of organic and microbial technologies, as well as investment in smart manufacturing and agricultural technology. What Lin Yuehyi advocates is actually "rational fertilization to promote the reduction of pesticides in half." Diamond Quantum adheres to this concept to develop its own products, sell them for export, and provide OEM services to overseas customers. Its main trading countries include Japan, China, the Philippines, and Malaysia. At present, the main cooperation and interaction is in Japan, from the OEM of fertilizers to the import and export of small quantities of agricultural products. Lin Yuehyi has been committed to expanding the diverse possibilities of the enterprise. At the same time, Diamond Quantum continues to improve product process technology and promote emission reduction and sustainable development, hoping to maintain the company's innovative vitality and international visibility in the environmental supply chain.

Cross-Strait Agricultural Expo: Innovating Fusion, Expanding Collaboration 2023-11-29

Representing Taiwanese enterprises, Taiwan's Diamond Quantum Biotech Co., Ltd., partnered with Taiwan University Agricultural Technology (Jilin Province) Co., Ltd. Tai Mao, as a representative of Taiwanese enterprises, actively promoted its high-tech products developed in Taiwan, such as nanoscale calcium silicon fertilizers, liquid organic fertilizers, and soil conditioners, into the mainland market. These products effectively address issues like soil acidification and insufficient trace elements in arable land, concurrently enhancing both the quantity and quality of agricultural products. Their commitment lies in fostering a non-toxic and environmentally friendly agricultural environment.

Chairman Lin Dongwu of DIAMOND QUANTUM BIOTECH CO., LTD. and Honorary Professor Zheng Zhengfeng Visit Jiangsu to Deepen Cross-Strait Agricultural Cooperation

This trip to Jiangsu not only strengthened cooperation between Taiwan and agricultural enterprises in Jiangsu but also opened up new opportunities for cross-strait agricultural technology exchange. In the future, DIAMOND Group will continue to dedicate itself to the research and development of innovative technologies, promoting the common development of agriculture across the strait.

The Taichung City Low-Carbon Sustainable City Contribution Award Ceremony and Achievements Release Event 2023-11-06

The 5th Taichung City Low Carbon Sustainable City Outstanding Contribution Award and Achievements Presentation Event was held today at the Taichung City Hall. City Secretary Huang Chongdian presented the award and commended Lin Yueh yi, deputy general manager of Diamond Quantum Biotech Co., Ltd. 14 organizations and individuals recognized the winners for their efforts in building a sustainable net-zero city.

2023-05-26  Advancing Agriculture with High-Tech Nano-Fertilizers: Boosting Quality, Yield, and Environmental Protection

DIAMOND QUANTUM BIOTECH technology combined with Chung Hsing University's microbial technology, it allows plants to protect their roots and reduce the invasion of bacteria and insects. These efforts will lead agriculture to more sustainable and environmentally friendly development.