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Food Crops Fertilizer

Food Crops Fertilizer
Food Crops Fertilizer
Food Crops Fertilizer
Food Crops Fertilizer
Food Crops Fertilizer
Food Crops Fertilizer
Model:DiaAgri-Goodly Calcium
The silicon based fertilizer you need for crop support
Application: Poaceae, Gramineae, bamboo shoots, lawn
Properties: brown liquid; pH value: 6.0
Application method: foliar spray, root drench
Standard packaging: 0.5 L, 1.0 L, 5.0 L, 20 L
Customized packaging available
Shelf life: 3 years
Customized labels, promotional items and advertising material design service available
Certification: ISO 9001
Fertilizer Certificate of Registration No 0799003
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As one of best crop fertilizer companies, DIAMOND QUANTUM BIOTECH provides high-quality professional liquid fertilizer and silicon based fertilizer.

DiaAgri-Goodly Calcium contents
Goodly Calcium mainly contains of nano-silica and is mixed with other medium and trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc, etc., to provide silicon and other nutrients required by Poaceae or Gramineae crops. This silicon based fertilizer consists of high silicon content, is much more user friendly than conventional potassium silicate products in terms of mix application.

Functions of silicon
Silicon is a beneficial element for plants and an essential element for rice. It can enhance the mechanical strength of stems and reduce lodging. Silicon can enhance the strength of plant cell walls. Research shows that it can enhance plant resistance to diseases and insects, such as rice fever. In addition, silicon can enhance the firmness of the peel, which can increase the fruiting rate and reduce the cracking of the fruit.


DiaAgri-Goodly Calcium vs Others-
At present, 90% of the silicon fertilizers in the market are potassium silicate products. Potassium silicate has a high pH value and is difficult to apply together with other products, and only provides single nutrition value. DiaAgri Goodly Calcium pH value is 6 and can be applied together with other products. Magnesium, boron, zinc and other elements are simultaneously present in Goodly Calcium, it can supplement other nutrients while supplementing silicon fertilizer. It is a rare silicon fertilizer compound product on the market.

Items: Potassium silicate DiaAgri-Goodly Calcium
pH Value: High 6.0
Mixing: Difficult Easy
Nutrient supplement: Single Compound

Product Validation - Field Testing
DiaAgri-Goodly Calcium has been tested by a number of academic research units including the Department of Entomology of National Taiwan University, Hualien District Agricultural Research and Extension Station, and National Pingtung University of Science and Technology. Results show that Goodly Calcium can effectively increase silicon contents in paddy, make plants healthy, reduce pest and disease damage, and ultimately increase the total yield of rice.


DIAMOND QUANTUM BIOTECH is one of the best crop fertilizer companies providing high-quality professional liquid fertilizer and silicon based fertilizer.

Other crops-
DiaAgri-Goodly Calcium has the functions of making plants tough and increasing yield for Poaceae or Gramineae crops. It can increase corn kernels’ size, increase yield, increase the weight, sweetness and taste of green bamboo shoots, and increase the density of golf course turf.


  • Total calcium oxide (CaO): 6.4%
  • Water-soluble calcium oxide (CaO): 2.0%
  • Total silicon dioxide (SiO2): 6.0%
  • Water-soluble silicon dioxide (SiO2): 1.5%
  • Water-soluble magnesium oxide (MgO): 1.0%
  • Water-soluble boron (B): 0.50%
  • Total Zinc (Zn): 0.40% (4,000 mg/kg)

Strongly recommended for following crops:

  • Poaceae or Gramineae - rice, paddy, maize, corn, sugarcane, wheat, bamboo shoots, lawn

Method of application:

  • For rice, foliar spray with 500-800-fold diluted solution during panicle initiation, flowering and milk stage, total 3 times.
  • Corn, sugarcane, wheat and bamboo shoots should be sprayed with 800-fold diluted solution on the leaves or roots every 14-21 days from the initial stage of growth to before harvest.
  • Lawns sprayed with 800-fold diluted solution after mowing.

Support services:

  • Customized product formulation.
  • OEM production.
  • Product labeling and outer box labeling design.
  • Taiwan fertilizer product registration consultation.


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