Sun Protection Agent

Sun Protection Agent

Sun Protection Agent
Sun Protection Agent
Model:DiaAgri-Sun Defender
Application: Crop and plant sun protection use
Properties: white powder, alkalinity: 56%
Application method: Spray after mix with water
Standard packaging: 25 kg/bag
Shelf life: 3 years
Customized labels, promotional items and advertising material design service available
Certification: ISO 9001, Fertilizer Certificate of Registration No. 0799024
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  • DiaAgri-Sun Defender is a natural plant protection material, which can effectively block sunlight, reduce the damage caused by sunburn, such as damage to the skin tissue, peel puffing, loss of fruit weight due to water loss, and reduce the temperature of the fruit.
  • It can aid in insect control, by forming a protective layer, it interferes and confuses pests from laying eggs, feed on fruits, or other harmful behaviors is prevented.
  • Improve fruit color change, enhance the quality of fruit.

Registered ingredients:
Alkalinity (calculated as CaO): 56%
※Too high concentration may cause phytotoxicity on plants.

Recommended crops: 
All crops that need sun protection are applicable, including citrus fruits, cabbage, dragon fruits, yam and etc.

Method of application: 
Add water or resin to dilute and mix well, 25kg/bag can prepare 5,000 liters of diluent, adjust the timing and frequency of use according to the climate, spray directly on crops.

Support services:
  • OEM production.
  • Product labeling and exterior packaging design.
  • Taiwan fertilizer product registration consultation.
  • Other design services including flyers, gifts and etc.


Sun Protection Agent - Sunscreen material configuration operation video introduction


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