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Drone Fertilizer

Drone Fertilizer
Drone Fertilizer
Drone Fertilizer
Drone Fertilizer
Drone Fertilizer
Drone Fertilizer
Model:DiaAgri-Fly Calcium
High concentration drone fertilizer
Application crop: Gramineae, fruits, vegetables etc.
Properties: Brown liquid, pH value: 4
Application method: Foliar spray, root drench
Standard packaging: 0.5 L, 1.0 L, 20 L
Customized packaging available
Shelf life: 3 years
Customized labels, promotional items and advertising material design service available
Certification: ISO 9001, Fertilizer Registration No. 0799018
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As one of best liquid fertilizer companies, DIAMOND QUANTUM BIOTECH dedicates ourselves to provide high-quality drone fertilizer and amino acid fertilizer.

DiaAgri-Fly Calcium is a liquid fertilizer formulated with plant-based amino acids and comprehensive nutrients (nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, calcium), specially designed for drones. Fly calcium have three main features, which is high stability, high compatibility and high solubility, it is fast acting and convenient to use.

#1 High Stability
DiaAgri-Fly Calcium formulated with plant-based amino acid, have high stability. When compared with animal-based amino acids, it is less likely to have a fishy smell which affects crop flavor. It can boost the development of plant root system and improve fertilizer absorption efficacy. Fly Calcium is stable under high concentrations, therefore is suitable to use on drones. Table below is mixtures of Fly Calcium with commonly used pesticides, it was observed that no precipitation or crystallization occurred.

Type Name
Insecticides FENITROTHION 50% EC
Fungicide VALIDAMYCIN 10% SL

#2 High Compatibility
Biological fertilizer or biological pesticides is a new trend, which allows many farmers to have a new option. Fly Calcium when mixed with microbial products, is able to maintain product stability and virality, therefore can be used together, which is much more convenient.


After Fly Calcium is mixed with bio-pesticide for 2 h, plating results showed that Fly Calcium does not deteriorate bacterial activity.

Among the globe leading liquid fertilizer companies, DIAMOND QUANTUM BIOTECH commits to provide the best drone fertilizer and amino acid fertilizer.

#3 High Solubility
DiaAgri-Fly Calcium is totally water soluble; therefore users have no need to be concerned with nozzles being clogged.


Total nitrogen (N): 6.0%
Potassium oxide (K2O): 3.0%
Water-soluble calcium oxide (CaO): 10.1%
Water-soluble magnesium oxide (MgO): 3.0%
※When using drones for spraying, please test the mixture with a small dose first, and then spray when it is confirmed that no adverse reactions will occur.

Strongly recommended for following crops:
  • Gramineae crops: rice, corn, maize, wheat, barley, sugar cane, bamboo shoots, sorghum etc.
  • Cucurbitaceous crops: watermelon, courgette, cucumber, cantaloupe, pumpkin, wax gourd, bitter gourd, winter melon etc.
  • Solanaceae crops: tomatoes, peppers, paprika, green peppers, eggplants, potatoes etc.
  • Leafy vegetables: cabbage, lettuce, Chinese cabbage, bok choy, broccoli, spinach, mustard etc.
Suitable to use in greenhouse or hydroponic facilities.

Method of Application: 
Dilute 1,000 times, recommended to use 1 L/ha, foliar spray or root drench is applicable; when using drones, dilute 33 times, recommended to use 1 L/ha.

Usage timing

  • Rice: Use at the panicle initiation, flowering and milk stage, apply total 3 times.
  • Fruit trees: Use once every 7-10 days before flowering to fruit set phase. Use 3-6 times continuously.
  • Gourd family, nightshade family, leafy vegetables: Apply 7-10 days after planting, use 3-5 times continuously.
Support services:
  • Customized product formulation.
  • OEM production.
  • Product labeling and outer box labeling design.
  • Taiwan fertilizer product registration consultation.
  • When used in drones, please test the mixture in small scale, then proceed to spray when no adverse reaction is confirmed.
  • Precipitation of the product is a natural phenomenon, please shake/stir well before use.
  • If it has not been used up, please keep a little water on the liquid surface to avoid hardening. Store in a cool place, avoid high temperature and sunshine.
  • Avoid mixing with copper products.

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