Fruit Crops Fertilizer

Fruit Crops Fertilizer

Fruit Crops Fertilizer
Fruit Crops Fertilizer
Fruit Crops Fertilizer
Fruit Crops Fertilizer
Fruit Crops Fertilizer
Fruit Crops Fertilizer
Model:DiaAgri-Meily Calcium
Application: Solanaceae, Cucurbitaceae, Rutaceae, Vitaceae crops
Properties: brown liquid; pH value: 6.0
Application method: foliar spray, root drench
Standard packaging: 0.5 L, 1.0 L, 5.0 L, 20 L
Customized packaging available
Shelf life: 3 years
Customized labels, promotional items and advertising material design service available
Certification: ISO 9001, Fertilizer Certificate of Registration No. 0799010
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DIAMOND QUANTUM BIOTECH is one of the best lime fertilizer suppliers providing high-quality fruit fertilizer and calcium liquid fertilizermade.

Compound formula-
DiaAgri-Meily Calcium is a liquid fertilizer which consists high amount of nano-calcium carbonate, nano-silicon dioxide, water-soluble calcium, water-soluble silicon, magnesium, boron, zinc, and other medium and trace elements. Special properties include two-in-one calcium release features, the product consists of rapid-functioning water-soluble calcium and slow-release nano-calcium carbonate.
Calcium is important-
Calcium is an important substance for plant cell wall synthesis. It can supplement calcium nutrition of crops promptly. It can improve the plant toughness of high economic value crops such as Solanaceae (nightshades), Cucurbitaceae (gourd family), and Rutaceae; reduce the fruit drop rate of citrus, grapefruit and other fruit trees; reduce fruit crack in eggplant, courgettes, watermelon, Solanaceae crops, melons and fruits; DiaAgri-Meily Calcium is exceptionally well in preventing blossom end rot in tomatoes.

From the microscopic view shown above, it can be observed that the use of DiaAgri - Meily calcium can strengthen the root hair cell wall and aid in the development of the root system. A well-developed root system contributes to better nutrient absorption, which leads to healthy plant growth.

As one of best lime fertilizer suppliers , DIAMOND QUANTUM BIOTECH provides high-quality professional fruit fertilizer and calcium liquid fertilizer.

Common products vs DiaAgri - Meily Calcium
#1 Plant Absorption
General calcium fertilizers found in the market is prepared with calcium nitrate or calcium chloride, which only contain calcium ions. When sprayed on leaves or soil, it is easily dripped away from the surface of the leaves or is fixated in the soil, thus the plant is only able to absorb a portion of calcium nutrition provided.
DiaAgri - Meily Calcium is formulated from nano-calcium carbonate and water-soluble calcium. When the leaves are sprayed with Meily Calcium, the water-soluble calcium components can be quickly absorbed by plants. The nano-calcium particles will adhere to the leaf surface, gradually dissolved by rain or dew and release calcium ions to be absorbed by plants to achieve prolonged effects. During root irrigation, nano-calcium carbonate can stay in the interstices of the soil and react with the root acid secreted by the roots of the plants to release calcium ions and then be absorbed by the plants.

From the scanning electron microscope photograph above, it can be observed that the nano-grade calcium carbonate in DiaAgri - Meily Calcium adheres to the leaf surface of bok choy at 500 times dilution rate. For crops with thicker cuticles, at 500 times dilution rate the nano calcium particles can still effectively adhere to the leaf.


#2 Toxicity
Generally, calcium fertilizer is prepared via calcium nitrate or calcium chloride, these types of calcium fertilizer contains nitrogen or chloride ions. During certain growth stages, nitrate containing fertilizer is unfavorable, whereas some crops are more chloride sensitive. Chloride might lead to certain unwanted side effects in crops, e.g., reduce starch content in tuber crops, reduce sugar content in watermelon, grapes, beetroot and etc.


DiaAgri - Meily Calcium’s calcium source is prepared from calcium carbonate. The product does not contain nitrate nitrogen and chloride ion. It can provide pure calcium fertilizer source to avoid affecting the color change of the fruit or poisoning the crop due to chloride ions. In addition to calcium nutrition, it also consists of silicon, which can further improve the ductility of the fruit, thicken the peel and increase elasticity. If heavy rain is encountered before harvest, it will help avoid large amount of fruit cracking and loss. The magnesium, boron, and zinc in the formulation also provide the medium and trace elements required by plants.


The application of DiaAgri - Meily Calcium can increase the strength of pumpkin and reduce withering at noon. Noon temperature is near 40 °C (104 °F), under these conditions the crop is still able to maintain normal growth.


Using DiaAgri - Meily Calcium can increase the fruit setting rate of grapes without affecting the color change of the fruit. Application of Meily Calcium can strengthen the pedicels, which decreases fruit drop.


  • Total CaO: 10%
  • Water-soluble CaO: 3.0%
  • Total SiO2: 4.5%
  • Water-soluble SiO2: 1.6%
  • Water-soluble MgO: 1.5%
  • Water-soluble B: 0.40%
  • Total Zinc: 0.40% (4,000 mg/kg)
Strongly recommended for following crops:
  • Solanaceae crops: tomato, eggplant, brinjal, pepper, sweet pepper, paprika, capsicum, bell pepper, potato, wolfberry, tree tomato, nightshade, etc.
  • Cucurbitaceae crops: wax gourd, winter melon, chayote, bitter gourd, cucumber, courgette, zucchini, watermelon, cantaloupe, pumpkin, gourd, etc.
  • Rutaceae: bergamot, orange, tangerine, pomelo, grapefruit, lemon, lime etc. 
  • Vitaceae: grape
Method of application:

Seedling stage: Dilute 800 times, foliar spray or root drench.
Nutritional growth period: Dilute 500-800 times, foliar spray or root drench.
Differentiation period: Dilute 500-800 times, foliar spray or root drench.
Reproductive growth period: Dilute 500-800 times, foliar spray or root drench.

Support services:
  • Customized product formulation.
  • OEM production.
  • Product labeling and outer box labeling design.
  • Taiwan fertilizer product registration consultation.


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