Diamond Quantum, in collaboration with its partners, is hosting the 2024 Precision Agriculture Forum

Diamond Quantum, in collaboration with its partners, is hosting the 2024 Precision Agriculture Forum

The "2024 Precision Agriculture Forum," co-organized by the Commercial Times, Art & Culture Creative Consulting Co., Ltd., Wanfang International Art Co., Ltd., and Diamond Quantum Biotech Co., Ltd., will be held on Friday, May 17, 2024, from 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM. The event will be live-streamed from the conference hall on the second floor of the Want Want China Times Media Group headquarters.
The rapid development of smart agricultural technologies stems from the swift advancement of information technology, aimed at helping farmers and fishermen utilize technological management to increase production efficiency while effectively responding to natural disasters to reduce losses. Taiwan holds a globally leading position in the field of information technology. In recent years, smart agriculture has become an emerging field attracting investments from numerous enterprises. As environmental changes persist, circular economy models across various industries are viewed as critical strategies for sustainable development. New agriculture is the core of the biological and industrial cycles within the circular economy system and one of the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This plays a pivotal role in the government's push to realize the vision of "net-zero carbon emissions by 2050."
In light of this, experts have been invited to provide professional insights. In the first phase of the forum, Professor Cheng Zheng-Feng, an honorary professor at National Chung Hsing University, will share on "Sustainable Agricultural Management for Carbon Reduction and Sequestration," and Wu Yong-Jian, an advisor from Wanfang International Art, will give a special lecture on "The Value of Planting."
The second phase will feature a comprehensive panel discussion focusing on the vision of "net-zero carbon emissions by 2050" and the development strategies for sustainable agriculture in Taiwan, moderated by Dr. Sun Zhi-Li, President of the Taiwan Economic Research Institute. Discussion experts include Liu Tsang-Chen, head of the Agricultural Chemistry Division at the Council of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Institute; Wu Yong-Jian, advisor from Wanfang International Art; Lin Dong-Wu, Chairman of Taimao Kuanteng Biotechnology; Cheng Zheng-Feng, honorary professor at National Chung Hsing University; and Lin Wen-Tsan, honorary vice president of Minxin University of Science and Technology specializing in artificial intelligence.
Discussion topics include:
•    How to use Internet of Things (IoT) technology to assist agriculture in precision production management, improving crop yield and quality while effectively responding to natural disasters to reduce losses.
•    Challenges and policy recommendations for the development of smart agriculture in Taiwan.
•    How to effectively utilize agricultural residues and develop value-added technologies to turn waste into resources.
•    Issues and development strategies for value-added development and recycling of agricultural waste to achieve the vision of "net-zero carbon emissions by 2050."

In recent years, Diamond Quantum has focused on agricultural development, using nanotechnology applied through chemical technology. Through nanotechnology, farmers can prevent agricultural disasters, such as extreme temperatures, flooding, and pest infestations. The application of nanotechnology can effectively prevent these disasters and promote the healthy growth of crops.
In high-temperature environments, rice is prone to rice blast disease, but early prevention can be achieved through potassium silicate in nanotechnology. During harvest, the combination of calcium and silicon promotes cell synthesis, resulting in better crop yields. Similarly, the combination of silicon and calcium can strengthen the foliage growth of sugar pears in high-temperature environments, thereby increasing yields.
Additionally, Diamond Quantum emphasizes nutritional supplements in agricultural production, not only adding fertilizers but also providing trace elements to ensure sufficient nutrition for better crop growth. The company also focuses on educating and guiding farmers, aiming to reduce pesticide use and thereby lessen environmental impact.
Through this forum, we hope to offer more professional advice and technical support to the agricultural sector, contributing to the sustainable development of smart agriculture in Taiwan.

Live Broadcast Replay: 2024 Precision Agriculture Forum

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