Acidic Soil Modification

Acidic Soil Modification

Acidic Soil Modification
Acidic Soil Modification
Acidic Soil Modification
Acidic Soil Modification
Model:Calcium Regenerate
Calcium acidic soil amendment
Application: Soil with pH below 6
Properties: White powder
Application Method: Spread
Standard specifications: 20 kg/bag
Designated packaging can be negotiated
Certification: ISO 9001, Fertilizer Certificate of Registration No. 0799017
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Among the globe leading soil amendment suppliers, DIAMOND QUANTUM BIOTECH commits to provide the best acidic soil amendment and calcium soil amendment.

  • DiaAgri-Calcium Regenerate is sourced from high purity limestone from Taiwan, Hualien, calcined at 1,200 °C, react with water to remove impurities in order to form high quality calcium hydroxide (slaked lime). 
  • Compared with other brands sourced from oyster shell, limestone powder, silica slag, and dolomite powder, Calcium Regenerate neutralization capacity is better, and is safer to use than burnt lime. Moreover, heavy metal residue risk is low.
  • Due to the fineness of this product and its high alkalinity, it can quickly adjust the acidic soil to neutrality, which can promote the decomposition of organic matter in the soil, increase the effectiveness of plants in absorbing fertilizers, and reduce the population of plant pathogens and pests in the soil. The number of beneficial microorganisms in the soil increases, which can improve soil fertility and increase the color, brittleness, and weight of crop fruits.

Alkalinity (as CaO): 56%

As one of best soil amendment suppliers, DIAMOND QUANTUM BIOTECH dedicates ourselves to provide high-quality acidic soil amendment and calcium soil amendment.

Method of application

Mix in the soil before planting, 40 -100 kg/1,000 m2. 20 - 40 kg/1,000 m2 during planting period.

1. 1-2 weeks prior to compost or nitrogen fertilizer usage, scatter Calcium Regenerate evenly onto the soil according to recommended usage.


2. After Calcium Regenerate is scattered, quickly mix together with the soil.


3. After using Calcium Regenerate 1-2 weeks, use compost or nitrogen fertilizer.


4. After compost or nitrogen fertilizers is mixed in the soil for 1-2 weeks, seeding or planting can be done.


Suitable soil pH for different crops

pH value 6.5-7.0

  • Miscellaneous grains and special crops: Sweet potato, peanut
  • Vegetables: Pea, spinach, onion, pak choy, bamboo shoot, cauliflower
  • Fruits: Grape, carambola, starfruit, Indian jujube, apple
  • Flowers: Eustoma, sweet pea

pH value 6.0 - 6.5

  • Miscellaneous grains and special crops: barley, wheat, adzuki bean, red bean, soybean, corn, maize, potato
  • Vegetables: Asparagus, onion, lettuce, string bean, green bean, cucumber, watermelon, tomato, eggplant, brinjal, bell pepper
  • Fruits: Peach, lychee, banana, mango, longan
  • Flowers: Rose, carnation, chrysanthemum

pH value 5.5 - 6.0

  • Miscellaneous grains and special crops: Rice, sugar cane
  • Vegetables: Cabbage, strawberry, radish, carrot, water bamboo
  • Fruits: plum, persimmon, pear, tangerine, pineapple
  • Flowers: Azalea, lily, rainbow pink, China pink, Dianthus


  • Please wear gloves, apron, mask, protective face shield before use, and rinse immediately after use.
  • Avoid storing in damp places to avoid clumping.
  • After using Calcium Regenerate, please wait for 1-2 weeks before applying nitrogen fertilizer to avoid damage to the root system of the plant.



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