Light Calcium Carbonate

Light Calcium Carbonate
Light Calcium Carbonate
Light calcium carbonate
Grade: Industrial grade
Application: Fillers for rubber and plastic.
Form: Powder
Package: 20kg/bag, 25kg/bag
Packaging: Standard package
Certifications: ISO 9001
Product is in compliance with REACH & RoHS requirements.
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Product Description

DIACAL Calcium Carbonate Light is produced via carbonation method, therefore particle size is smaller than conventional ground calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate light is highly activated, and can be used as fillers, additives and etc in many applications, including rubbers, plastics, paints, polymers and others.

Chemical Analysis

Calcium Carbonate CaCO3 (%): 98 min
Iron Oxide Fe2O3 (%): 0.05 max
Aluminum Oxide Al2O3 (%): 0.2 max
Magnesium Oxide MgO (%): 0.50 max
HCl Insoluble Matter (%): 0.70 max
Ignition Loss (%): 42 – 44
pH value: 9.3 – 10.0


Whiteness (%): 96 min
DOP Absorption (mL/g): 0.38 – 0.42
Moisture (%): 0.50 max
Residue on 325 mesh (%): 0.10 max
Apparent Specific Gravity (g/mL): 0.63 – 0.73

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