Solid Calcium Carbonate

Grade: Industrial grade
Application: Fillers for rubber and plastic.
Form: Powder
Surface coating: Fatty acid
Package: 25kg/bag, 500 kg/bag
Packaging: Standard package, blank package
Certifications: ISO 9001
Product is incompliance with REACH & RoHS requirements.
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Product Description

CCR-E is a ultra-fine calcium carbonate which has 60 nm of primary particle size. These particles are surface coated with fatty acids in order to improve dispersion property at the mixing stage with organic materials. CCR-E will enhance the mechanical strength of polymer and other organic materials when used.


Whiteness (%): 93 min.

Specific Gravity (g/cm3): 2.56

Bulk Density (g/mL): 0.80 max.

Surface Coating: Fatty Acid

Oil Absorption (mL/100 g): 16 ~ 30

CaCO3 Content (%): 96 min.

Moisture Content (%): 1.00 max

pH value: 9.0 ~ 9.8

Compound Guide

Natural Rubber (NR): Show the best results.

Isoprene Rubber (IR): Show the best results.

Butadiene Rubber (BR): Show satisfactory results.

Styrene-butadiene Rubber (SBR): Show satisfactory results.

Butyl Rubber (IIR): Show excellent results.

Hypalon (CSM): Show excellent results.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC): Show the best results

Product Usage Example

Usage of DIACAL CCR-E in vinyl leather

DIACAL CCR-E surface treated with fatty acids, has the ability to mix evenly into the plastic matrix, allowing high loadings with fillers bounded tightly. This contributes to better abrasion resistance because calcium carbonate is harder than the plastic matrix, it provides a protection layer for vinyl leather made products, ultimately increase product durability.

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