Microbial products, environmental friendly and enhance food safety 2022-09-08

Microbial products, environmental friendly and enhance food safety 2022-09-08

ChinaTimes Article 2022-09-08

DIAMOND QUANTUM BIOTECH CO., LTD., Chung Hsing University, and the Taiwan Agricultural Chemicals and Toxic Substances Research Institute jointly developed microbial products. Recently, TungWu Lin, Chairman of DIAMOND, and Professor Jen-Fon Jen of Chung Hsing University invited a group of agronomic experts from the industry and academia fields to visit Tzu Chi Tea Garden in Miaoli and a pear tourist farm to show the improvement after using DIAMOND’s nano calcium bio-liquid fertilizer. The difference before and after is significant, which verifies that the microbial system is symbiotic and thus is able to inhibit pathogenic microorganisms, consequently promoting plant growth, root health, and nutrient absorption.

According to Professor Jen-Fon Jen of Chung Hsing University, a new concept on plant health care cultivation is introduced. The chemical composition and characteristics of the leaves should be considered during formulation design to effectively supplement calcium, magnesium, silicon, zinc, and other trace elements via foliar spray. Healthy plants have better resistance against disease and extreme climate, which aids in solving problematic pesticide use. Quantity and quality of agricultural products are improved, which increases farmers' income, simultaneously environment protection and food safety are achieved. 

Jen-Fon Jen said that the Tzu Chi tea gardens in Sanyi Township, Miaoli were originally water-deficient, hilly, red loam soil, and low altitude, which was not suitable for growing tea. Since Tzu Chi took over, in line with the Buddhist philosophy of compassion for the land and sustainable management, the tea garden does not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, nor does it use animal waste and bone meal.

In the beginning, only waste legumes, agricultural waste, and peel fermentation (enzyme) liquids were used. Due to unsuitable growing environment and limited management methods, naturally, the tea tree grows poorly and pest infestation is serious. Tea harvested is of course very unsatisfactory. 

After meeting Tungwu Lin, chairman of DIAMOND QUANTUM BIOTECH CO., LTD., which specializes in producing nano-sized calcium carbonate, took the initiative to provide Tzu Chi with, nano calcium carbonate, silicon, and trace element nutrients required for plant growth sourced from non-animal inorganic minerals, cope with microbial preparations (Bacillus subtilis and Streptomyces) that are fermented and cultivated by probiotics selected from the soil by a team from Department of Plant Pathology, Chung Hsing University. The trial has achieved remarkable results, tea trees are healthy, pests and diseases are greatly reduced, the yield of tea multiplied, and both quality and economic value are acquired. In 2021, a drought occurred in Taiwan, further proving that as long as proper management is provided, harsh environmental factors can be overcome and the impact of extreme climate can be reduced.

The agricultural products from DIAMOND QUANTUM BIOTECH  focus on creating an environment that allows plants to grow healthily. Pests and diseases occur because of unhealthy plants. Strengthening the cell wall can reduce the occurrence of diseases, allowing photosynthesis and its metabolism to proceed normally, which can reduce the infestation.

Foliar spray provides the leaf and branch epidermis with absorbable calcium, silicon, magnesium, and trace elements to make up for the lack of absorption from the root. The establishment of beneficial microorganisms in the soil can help develop and protect the root system. Foliar spray of beneficial microorganisms on plants can be used to protect against the invasion of viruses.

Other than tea trees, DIAMOND QUANTUM BIOTECH products have also successfully improved the healthy growth of various crops, reduced pests and diseases, and improved the quality and yield of agricultural products with less or even no need for pesticides. Mr. Zeng, who runs a tourist farm in Zhuolan, said that DIAMOND's quantum-calcium gave his pear trees a very vibrant growth force, almost no pests and diseases occurred. Pears were large (up to 2 kg), sweet, crisp, fruits intact, storage period extended, and harvest time can be increased by one month, which greatly improves his income. Mr. Zeng also said that the use of DIAMOND's method of making plants grow healthily has not only increased farmers' income but also avoided or reduced the use of pesticides. In addition to protecting the farm from environmental pollution, farmers are also protected from pesticide poisoning. Consumers will not have any worries about pesticide residues in agricultural products, promotion of this method should be accelerated.

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