Commercial Times DIAMOND Research Microbial Formulations 2022-03-03

Commercial Times DIAMOND Research Microbial Formulations 2022-03-03

Establish plant microbial system, symbiotic with plants, inhibit pathogenic microorganisms, promote plant growth and root health and nutrient absorption

DIAMOND Chairman Lin TungWu applied microbial nano liquid fertilizer technology to plant cultivation to create income for taro farmers. On the right is the picture of DIAMOND's three kinds of liquid fertilizer products.

Looking at the global population that has exceeded 7 billion, it is estimated that the world will exceed 8 billion in 2025, and the total population will reach 9.3 billion by 2050. With the rapid population growth, the problem of food supply is severe. In addition to the increasingly barren arable land, coupled with overfishing, competition for water resources, and depletion of non-renewable resources, all are problems that need to be solved urgently. Therefore, cope with technology to move towards sustainable operation, is currently the focus of future development.

Furthermore, Taiwan has a food self-sufficiency rate of only 33%. How to combine technology and agriculture? How to use machinery to improve the labor model of old-fashioned agriculture? How to reduce the risk of climate change, and at the same time develop innovative technologies and establish a new agricultural industry? How to establish a traceable system to ensure the safety of agricultural products? More importantly how to provide early warning and monitoring, and reduce the risk of agricultural production should be the current topic of discussion.

Agriculture is the foundation of the country. Commercial Times has held the "Exquisite Agriculture Forum" for nine consecutive years from 2013 to 2021, with the topics. This year, the national forum is expected to be held in April. 

DIAMOND will be sharing regarding the balance of biochemical effects and fertilization and management problems of conventional agricultural methods. It is found that most of the unhealthy growth of plants comes from improper fertilization and management. Excessive application of phosphate fertilizer will affect the absorption of trace elements such as calcium, magnesium and zinc; the combination of sulfate and phosphate with calcium will cause soil hardening; soil acidification will prevent silicon from being absorbed by plants.

Chairman Lin TungWu said that calcium is an important element in the cell wall of the plant, and silicon is a protective element that strengthens the cell wall and tissue, but if neither can be absorbed by the plant, result is a weak and unhealthy plant. After the invasion of viruses, pesticides are sprayed to kill the microbial function that symbiotically protects the plants. In this way, they fall into a vicious circle of fertilization and spraying, which leads to food safety problems and environmental pollution.

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