Anthracnose strawberry treatment

Integrated pest management (IPM) of strawberry crops with Dia-Agri fertilizers

When the Dia-Agri team visited the Fresh Strawberry Gardens in A Lian, Kaohsiung, they encountered a severe issue of strawberry anthracnose. This fungal infection has a latent period of several months and can cause crop losses of up to seventy percent once infected. Controlling anthracnose requires frequent removal of diseased plants and extensive pesticide use, posing adverse effects on both the environment and farmers' health.

To address this problem, it is crucial to strengthen preventive measures starting from the seedlings. Healthy strawberry seedlings are key to preventing disease spread, significantly reducing the risk of anthracnose infection during field planting.

Additionally, proper fertilization and nutrient management are essential. Using nano-calcium silicon fertilizers can enhance plant immunity, making them more resistant to diseases. Furthermore, selecting non-registered plant protection materials can effectively prevent disease occurrence, ensuring plant health. The combination of these measures can achieve non-toxic cultivation, safeguarding both the environment and farmers' health.

In controlling strawberry anthracnose, attention should also be paid to the impact of rainwater and irrigation on spore dissemination. Regular inspection of irrigation systems and avoiding planting in humid environments can reduce the risk of disease spread.

In summary, to effectively control strawberry anthracnose, farmers should adopt comprehensive management measures, including seedling management, fertilization, selection of plant protection materials, and regular inspection of irrigation systems. This is essential to minimize the impact of the disease on strawberry production.

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Caption: Taichung team, including Chairman Lin Dongwu, Professor Huang Zhenwen, Professor Zheng Zhengfeng, and Orchard Owner Huang Wensong, discussing considerations for non-toxic cultivation and promoting it together with media friends